Fossil’s Latest Wear OS Watches Now Make Calls Using iPhones

Wear OS watches have been running on iOS for quite some time, but you do not have all the features you have when pairing devices with an Android phone – and that includes calls made and received.

With the help of a proprietary software update (so that this does not usually come from Wear OS smartwatches), the latest generation of Fossil 5 devices are now able to handle iPhone calls, reports 9to5Google. This means that you can answer an incoming call on an iPhone and make an outgoing call.

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Because Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches do not have built-in LTE connectivity, you still need a connected phone to handle calls. To date, Fossil or Apple has not officially announced how the software works, but Reddit users have reported the new feature. If you have a Gen 5 watch, the required update should appear soon, if you have not already done so.

This calling feature is made possible by Fossil’s Gen 5 smartwatch built-in speaker – this speaker is one of the key enhancements you get over the Gen 4.