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French Agency Raises Alarm: iPhone 12’s Excessive Radiation Calls for Urgent Action by Apple!

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French Agency Raises Alarm: iPhone 12’s Excessive Radiation Calls for Urgent Action by Apple!

According to a recent report, French regulators have ordered Apple to stop selling the iPhone 12 due to its alleged emission of electromagnetic radiation levels that exceed European Union exposure standards. However, Apple has disputed these findings and stated that the device complies with all regulations.

The order was issued by France’s government agency responsible for managing wireless communications frequencies after the iPhone 12 failed one of two tests for electromagnetic waves capable of being absorbed by the body. The specific reason why this model did not pass the test remains unclear.

France’s digital minister has reassured users that radiation levels from the iPhone 12 are still significantly lower than those considered harmful according to scientific studies. He also highlighted that the agency’s tests do not reflect typical phone usage.

The National Frequency Agency has called on Apple to quickly address this issue for phones already in use and has threatened a recall if necessary. During testing, it was found that when held or carried in a pocket, the iPhone 12 had an absorption level of 5.74 watts per kilogram, which exceeds the EU standard of 4 watts per kilogram.

Malcolm Sperrin, director of medical physics at the Royal Berkshire Hospital Group in the United Kingdom, stated that radiation limits are set well below damaging levels. He believes that an increase slightly above these thresholds is unlikely to have any health consequences. Sperrin suggests that an update can be downloaded by iPhone 12 users to prevent radiation exposure from exceeding limits.

While it remains unclear why this particular model emits more radiation, experts speculate that it may be related to initial connection stages when searching for a signal. Apple claims that multiple international bodies have certified the iPhone 12 and asserts compliance with all applicable regulations and standards worldwide.

The French minister in charge of digital affairs emphasized that software updates can cause slight variations in electromagnetic wave emissions from phones but assured users that the levels remain significantly lower than those deemed harmful according to scientific studies.

The National Frequency Agency conducts its tests in a diagnostic laboratory using a liquid-filled mold that simulates the human head and body. However, it acknowledges that these tests do not reflect common phone usage. During calls, the phone only transmits half the time when the user is talking, and mobile or video internet use rarely exceeds 10% of total time.

It is worth noting that mobile phones have been labeled as “possible” carcinogens by the cancer research arm of the World Health Organization. However, studies have not shown a clear link between mobile phone use and adverse health effects such as cancer, headaches, or cognitive function.

Experts recommend taking precautions such as using headphones or switching to texting for individuals concerned about radiation exposure from their mobile phones.

The decision, French regulators have ordered Apple to halt sales of the iPhone 12 due to alleged excessive electromagnetic radiation emissions. While Apple disputes these findings and asserts compliance with regulations, further investigation is needed to determine why this specific model failed testing. It is important for users to stay informed about potential health risks associated with mobile phone usage and take necessary precautions.


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