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Game Not Yet Released But Free to Download on Steam

by Michael Huff
1 minutes read
Game Not Yet Released But Free to Download on Steam

Some Steam users are receiving complimentary codes for an unreleased game. There is a catch, just as with other free game giveaways. The caveat is that you have to be a subscriber to the game developer’s newsletter. Fortunately, you can amend this and get a free code in the future if you don’t meet this criteria. The precise day in the future, however, is still uncertain. The offer, which is for a small game called Q.P.I.D., is made by Digital Eclipse. This game hasn’t even been released if you haven’t heard of it. However you can get a free voucher for it if you subscribe to the Digital Eclipse newsletter.

“A Steam code is waiting for you in your mailbox if you subscribe to our newsletter. If not, sign up now to receive a code in the upcoming batch “In a brand-new tweet highlighting the deal, Digital Eclipse writes of the offer, which appears to have been made in honor of Valentine’s Day.

“Q.P.I.D. is the latest release from Digital Eclipse Arcade, a series of all-new games inspired by vintage ’80s arcade vibes.” “Q.P.I.D. enjoys cats, just like everyone else online. Sadly, the cats that the Quadrangular Programmable Inversion Device has been sworn to guard have managed to get themselves into trouble. Q.P.I.D. is devoted to saving as many of them as he can, even if it means defying the laws of physics. He possesses steely nerves and a heart of gold. Before your charge runs out, adjust gravity, blast adversaries, avoid dangers, and gather kitties. The platformer and puzzle game hybrid Q.P.I.D. introduces a hero with a heart-centered story.”

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