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Best PS4 Deals 2021 | Which hi-fi?

Best PS4 Deals 2021 |  Which hi-fi?

News Highlights: Best PS4 Deals 2021 | Which hi-fi?

The PS5 has landed which means some fantastic deals on the PS4 and PS4 Pro, although supplies are extremely scarce at the moment. We’ve searched the internet for offers and discounts.

Sony has been known to stop production of the PS4. There is no official announcement from Sony yet, but with one eagle eye Twitter user saw a Japanese store claiming that certain models were no longer being produced. The supply has been scarce for a few months and it is expected that the harvest will become even leaner.

Of what’s available, PS4 bundles – the console plus some games or an additional controller – should be the best value for money. Whether you’re a fan of FIFA 21, Spider-Man or The Last of Us, chances are there is a discounted PS4 bundle with your favorite games.

Now let’s get started. Here are the best PS4 deals, discounts and bargains available right now.

Best PS4 Deals 2021

Sony’s best-selling game console offers HDR support and an extensive catalog of titles, including FIFA 21 and Spider-Man. Gaming …

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