My favorite black video game characters ever

My favorite black video game characters ever

News Highlights: My favorite black video game characters ever

Video games are undoubtedly works of art, and art is something that can shape the world around us. Every advertisement, every book, every painting affects the way we think. That’s why it’s so important to have a good representation in the video game industry. Through this representation we can inspire people from all walks of life and create a welcoming atmosphere. Video games are no different.

As experiences that can last 50 hours or more, video games allow the player to truly inhabit the mindset of their characters and embark on a journey with them. It is therefore crucial to ensure that people of color are shown in a positive light. That’s not to say that every black character has to be the hero or the good guy. But it’s nice to see minority figures that young players can look up to.

We also want to know that regardless of race, we all share the same unifying values. What better way to show this than by having a diverse cast of characters work on …

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