George Hotz of resigns CEO George Hotz – News

The Board of Directors of, Founder George Hotts is the only member to change voluntary driving startup: Hotz is no longer the CEO of the company.

A new CEO who refused Mr. Hotz's name will be announced on Friday through its medium-sized blog. He said that he confirmed that the CEO is certainly a human being, "a very talented person."

When I released iPhone and PlayStation 3 in adolescence, Hotz became famous worldwide under the pseudonym "geohot", he will not leave the company he founded. Instead, Hotz and the other two are part of a new division called that focuses on building a behavioral model that can drive a car.

During his three-year tenure as CEO, has found "a suitable product" in the market.

"The growth rate is very high, but now it is time to achieve even higher growth," said Mr. Hottz, a major shareholder of the company. "There is a performance problem than vision problems, and I may not be The Best executive.

According to Mr. Hotz, in addition to transferring the team from the 15 participants to the 50 people necessary to produce actual consumer products, a person who reduces the cost of the product and interacts with regulatory authorities is necessary It is said.

Hotts may have become CEO, but insists that the basic ethics of society will not change.

"We are always an autonomous enterprise of North Korea, no one will be on the agenda." "It will not change"

And he is always interested in autonomous cars.

"Finally, what should I do …

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George Hotz of resigns CEO George Hotz - News

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