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Georgia Tech’s Cutting-Edge Neurosciences Research Program: the Power of Interdisciplinary Collaboration!

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Georgia Tech’s Cutting-Edge Neurosciences Research Program: the Power of Interdisciplinary Collaboration!

According to an inside source, Georgia Tech will be launching a critical interdisciplinary program this fall that focuses on neuroscience, neurotechnology, and society. The Neuro Next Initiative is a result of the growth of GTNeuro, which has led to the hiring of faculty members who specialize in studying the brain and the establishment of the Bachelor of Neuroscience program in the Faculty of Science.

The field of neuroscience has immense potential for impacting health and society as a whole. With its culture of applied research and integrated interdisciplinary scholarship, Georgia Tech is uniquely positioned to become an international leader in discovery, innovation, and translation in neuroscience and neurotechnology.

The Neuro Next Initiative will be guided by faculty members Christopher Rozell, Simon Sponberg, and Jennifer S. Singh. Their expertise spans various disciplines such as electrical engineering, physics, biology, history, and sociology. Together, they will lead the development of a community that supports collaborative research, unique educational initiatives, and public engagement in this critical field.

Sponberg emphasizes that Georgia Tech already has a strong neuroscience community but aims to create new ways to support interdisciplinary work through the Neuro Next Initiative. The goal is to open up new gateways for collaboration within the neurological community at Georgia Tech while highlighting the university’s leadership in neurology-related research.

Rozell acknowledges that there have been significant advancements in neuroscience and neurotechnology in recent years. By leveraging existing strengths and bringing together diverse faculty members from different disciplines, Georgia Tech aims to create a holistic approach to neuroscience and neurotechnology that prioritizes real human impact and broad accessibility.

Singh highlights that Neuro Next is an important initiative because it includes disciplinary knowledge from social sciences, humanities, business, and arts. This inclusive approach allows for critical investigation into how accessible and socially fair neurotechnologies can be developed. It aligns with Georgia Tech’s commitment to developing leaders who advance technology while improving the human condition.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Neuro Next Initiative, you can attend the launch event at Georgia Institute of Technology on October 25-26. Registration details can be found (here)( Teachers who are interested in participating in Neuro Next can also join the affiliate list by clicking (here)(

The ultimate, Georgia Tech’s Neuro Next Initiative represents a significant step forward in interdisciplinary research related to neuroscience, neurotechnology, and society. By fostering collaboration, inclusivity, and innovation, this program has the potential to shape the future of neuroscience and make a positive impact on humanity.

According to an inside source: (Georgia Tech Launches Interdisciplinary Neurosciences Research Program)(


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