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Gmail on Android Unleashes Game-Changing ‘Select All’ Feature for Effortlessly Mastering Your Inbox

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Gmail on Android Unleashes Game-Changing ‘Select All’ Feature for Effortlessly Mastering Your Inbox

Google has introduced a new feature in Gmail for Android that will make managing emails more efficient. The “Select All” button allows users to quickly clean up their inbox by selecting multiple emails simultaneously. While this feature has long been available in the Gmail web app, it was previously not available on mobile devices.

With the introduction of the “Select All” button, Android users can now easily select multiple emails at once and perform actions such as deleting or archiving them. This will save them time and effort when it comes to organizing their inbox. However, it’s important to note that there is a limit of 50 emails that can be selected at a time, just like in the web version of Gmail. While this limitation may slightly reduce its usefulness, it still offers a convenient feature for managing emails on mobile devices.

It’s worth mentioning that the implementation of this feature is a server-side change, so users may not see it right away. However, they should expect it to be available soon.

In other news, Google has expanded the availability of Studio Bot, its AI-powered coding assistant, to India and other countries. Initially introduced to Android developers in the United States in May, Studio Bot helps developers create apps by generating code, fixing bugs, and answering questions related to Android development. It provides a conversational experience within Android Studio, making app development more efficient and productive.

This expansion aligns with Google’s commitment to supporting developers around the world and making their work easier in developing Android apps.

The deduction, Google’s introduction of the “Select All” button in Gmail for Android is a welcome addition that will enhance users’ email management experience on mobile devices. Additionally, the expansion of Studio Bot availability demonstrates Google’s dedication to supporting developers globally and improving efficiency in app development.

It is widely declared that (1), these updates are expected to roll out soon.

(1) Source: indiatvnews


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