God of War on MacBook Air reveals that Apple developed a gaming laptop by accident

God of War on MacBook Air reveals that Apple developed a gaming laptop by accident

As you might guess, the graphics settings are on low, but it’s impressive to see that God of War runs mostly okay even on this relatively humble M1 MacBook, save for some nasty bouts of stuttering here and there. Note that some of those commenting on the Reddit thread advise that updating DXVK (Vulkan-based translation layer) may help smooth things over more, as newer than version 1.9.3 has some optimizations for God of War. As we’ve pointed out in the past, CrossOver (from CodeWeavers) is one of the better ways of running Windows games (or apps) on a Mac. However, folks have been trying to run the God of War PC version (Steam) via CrossOver before, and have encountered an error message preventing launch.

Do you want to play God of War on your MacBook Air? That is, in fact, doable, as one Air owner demonstrated by uploading a video of the game running online. The video clip comes from Reddit user DueTry8342, and it shows the PC version of God of War running on a MacBook Air M1 (2020), one of Apple’s first computers to employ its own hardware (and this is the base model with 8GB of RAM). CrossOver is essentially the Mac version of Wine for Linux, in that it employs a compatibility layer to run Windows software or games on an Apple machine.

The Reddit post advises that the method used for running God of War was provided by Andrew Tsai, who published a YouTube tutorial which shows how to get round the aforementioned error. Essentially, the method involves manually editing the God of War EXE file, patching out its checks for the Windows operating system. On Tsai’s M1 Max (backed with 32GB of RAM), the game runs “pretty well”, and you can see it generally hits between 35 and 50 fps (at 1080p, low settings again), with just the occasional stutter when new areas are loading. There are visual artifacts present sometimes and some audio glitches too, but far from anything game-breaking.

Considering this is a freshly released PC game, it’s pretty impressive to see it running like this on the Mac platform, and with further optimization work, Apple users may see it ticking along a good deal more smoothly (don’t forget what was said about updating DXVK above, of course). Playing via Parallels doesn’t work yet, by the way, and the above patching to avoid the error on launch fails to do the trick there.

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