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Google and Apple Unite to Combat Unwanted Tracking for Enhanced User Privacy

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“Tech Titans Unite: Google and Apple Join Forces to Combat Unwanted Tracking”

Google and Apple have collaborated to combat unwanted tracking by Bluetooth devices like AirTags, which are used to locate lost items. The two tech giants have submitted draft specifications that will require all Bluetooth location-tracking devices to alert users of any unauthorized tracking on iOS and Android devices. These specifications have been developed with feedback from device manufacturers, defense and security groups, and are supported by companies such as Samsung Electronics and Tile.

Privacy experts and law enforcement agencies have expressed concerns over the criminal or malicious use of AirTags since their release. While these devices are meant to be attached to keys, wallets, backpacks, and other items for easy retrieval when lost, some people have been using them for nefarious purposes.

To increase privacy, Apple released an Android detection app in 2021 that helps users scan nearby AirTags or other trackers for similar items that might be traveling with them without their knowledge. In early 2020, both Google and Apple also announced a ban on the use of location tracking in apps designed for contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The joint effort between Google and Apple is a significant step towards protecting user privacy from unwanted tracking by Bluetooth devices. The collaboration ensures that users of both iOS and Android devices will be alerted if they are being tracked without their consent.

According to source close to the news, the draft specifications were developed after extensive consultation with various stakeholders. This move highlights how seriously Google and Apple take user privacy concerns while ensuring that innovative technologies can still be used safely.

The comprehension, this collaboration between Google and Apple marks a significant milestone in combating unwanted tracking by Bluetooth devices. It demonstrates how tech companies can work together towards ensuring user privacy while still allowing innovation in technology. With these new specifications in place, users can feel more confident about using Bluetooth location-tracking devices without worrying about unauthorized tracking or misuse.


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