Google Testing New Copy Paste Shortcut On Pixel 4 Devices

Google seems to be testing a new cut-and-paste shortcut on Pixel 4. According to an Android font report, some Pixel 4 users will show up with a suggestion to paste what’s on the clipboard when they type on a new text entry field. The style of the popup window is similar to that of the small box when users press a text entry field.

On the far left, it contains a blue “stick” logo and on the far right, an “X” button to close the pop-up window. In the middle is the text on your clipboard. The implementation seems similar to Google Chrome’s link collage suggestion. Unlike the Chrome implementation, which only works for links and only appears when you tap the address bar, this new feature seems to be part of the Android operating system itself.

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Also, the pop-up window works for both links and text. Unfortunately, the feature appears inconsistently Android Font indicates that it works best when you copy the text in one application and then switch to another to paste it. In the end, it seems that the feature is still in the test. It appears that this product only seems on Pixel 4 and 4 XL devices.

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