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Google Unveils Game-Changing ‘Connected Flight’ Mode for Android

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Google is reportedly working on a new feature called ‘Connected Flight’ mode exclusively for Android devices, according to a recent patent discovered online. This feature aims to automatically detect when a user is on an airplane and switch the device to Airplane mode. The patent suggests that the ‘Connected Flight’ mode will work seamlessly on various Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The primary purpose of this feature is to provide convenience to users by automatically switching their devices to Airplane mode when they are on board an aircraft. It eliminates the need for users to manually toggle the settings every time they travel by air. Once the plane lands, the device will automatically return to its normal mode.

The ‘Connected Flight’ mode is expected to support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections while adapting Wi-Fi settings according to specific network requirements of the aircraft. This means that users can stay connected through these wireless technologies during their flight without any hassle.

Despite its innovative capabilities, the ‘Connected Flight’ mode will be intelligent enough to assess certain conditions such as low battery levels or poor network quality. In such cases, it may decide to temporarily disconnect from the network, ensuring that users do not experience any disruptions during their flight.

To achieve accurate detection, several triggers may be employed by the ‘Connected Flight’ mode. These include analyzing pressure changes in the cabin, capturing ultrasonic signals emitted by aircraft systems, identifying the presence of the aircraft’s Wi-Fi signal, and even tracking user booking activity for air travel. By using these triggers, Google aims to ensure that the feature accurately detects when a user is on an airplane.

According to the patent discovered online, this process is initiated “in response to determining that the sensor has detected information indicating that the mobile computing device is on the aircraft.” This indicates that Google has made significant progress in developing this feature but has yet to officially roll it out worldwide.

Although there is no specific timeline mentioned for when Android users can expect to see the ‘Connected Flight’ mode in action, this patent gives us a glimpse into Google’s ongoing research efforts. The possibility of uninterrupted connectivity and convenience during air travel is sure to pique the interest of many Android enthusiasts.

Based on the news, which you can find (here)( Google’s ‘Connected Flight’ mode feature for Android devices is still in development. It remains to be seen when this feature will be officially released, but it promises a seamless and hassle-free experience for Android users while traveling by air.


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