Google Will Unveil The Pixel 4 On October 15

The Pixel 4 must be one of the least well-kept secrets of 2020, as it seems that it could have forced Google to show his hand partially. The company unveiled the phone’s design and confirmed some upcoming features. That being said, it seems that all the rumors can soon be put aside. Indeed, Google has confirmed that on October 15, Pixel 4 phones will be officially announced.

Google also seems to suggest that the event could be more than just the Pixel 4 as the invitation says, “Come see some new features created by Google.” This indicates that the game could also include other Google product launches, such as the new Google Home speakers and perhaps even new Chromebooks.

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In any case, Pixel 4 will most likely be the star of the show and for a good reason. For a very long time, Google kept the use of a single camera on its smartphones, while other companies opted for the double and triple camera. According to rumors, Pixel 4 would finally come with a two-camera configuration.

Google has also confirmed some upcoming features, which we are particularly excited about. This is Motion Sense, apparently the result of Google’s Soli project, a radar-based motion detection technology.