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Gucci Unleashes Fashion’s Digital Frontier: Milan Fashion Week Transformed into a Mesmerizing Metaverse Experience

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Gucci Unleashes Fashion’s Digital Frontier: Milan Fashion Week Transformed into a Mesmerizing Metaverse Experience

According to insiders, Gucci creative director Sabato de Sarno recently unveiled a captivating metaverse collection titled ‘Ancora’ at the ongoing Milan Fashion Week. This collection takes the form of an immersive recreation of the event available on multiple platforms, bringing together joy, humanity, and inclusivity in a digital realm.

Gucci, a luxury fashion brand under Kering, has taken a bold step by transforming the physical Milan Fashion Week into a virtual experience within gaming platforms such as Roblox, Zepeto in South Korea, and QQ in China. By doing so, Gucci ensures that the sense of inclusion extends to the metaverse. Unlike the physical event that faced last-minute venue changes due to rain, the metaverse versions proceeded as planned, bringing this digital vision to life.

The Gucci Ancora collection was previously known as Gucci Town on Roblox since its launch in May 2022. It has undergone improvements and now offers a meta version of the physical location of the Milan show in the Brera district. To add to that to this virtual world on Roblox, Zepeto provided a live-streamed avatar-based experience for visitors to virtually shop at a Gucci store during the event. Similarly, QQ hosted a screening for its Gucci community to participate in this unique fashion experience.

These partnerships with gaming platforms are not Gucci’s only foray into embracing emerging technologies. The brand entered the Web3 space in 2021 by auctioning its first NFT (non-fungible token) through Christie’s. This move demonstrates Gucci’s inclination towards digital innovation and its commitment to evolving with emerging technologies.

Gucci’s metaverse version of Milan Fashion Week represents an exciting shift in how fashion events can be experienced and accessed by people around the world. By embracing virtual realms and partnering with gaming platforms like Roblox and Zepeto, Gucci is able to create an inclusive environment where anyone can participate and engage with the brand. This digital transformation also allows for new opportunities in terms of virtual shopping experiences and connecting with a global audience.

Therefore, Gucci’s metaverse version of Milan Fashion Week showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation and embracing emerging technologies. The ‘Ancora’ collection brings joy, humanity, and inclusivity to life in a digital realm, allowing people from all over the world to experience the event through various gaming platforms. With its entry into the Web3 space and auctioning NFTs, Gucci continues to push boundaries and evolve with the changing landscape of fashion and technology.

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