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Can agencies comply with CISA’s demands?

Can agencies comply with CISA’s demands?

News Highlights: Can agencies comply with CISA’s demands?.

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Federal agencies – and there are at least several of them – affected by the SolarWinds cybersecurity fiasco have a new deadline. Days ago, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency policy gives them time at the end of the month to complete forensic analysis and strengthen their systems. Michael Hamilton wonders if this will be possible at all, he told Federal Drive with Tom Temin. He is the former Vice Chairman of the DHS Coordinating Council, now the chief information security officer at CI security.

Tom Temin: Michael, good to have you back.

Michael Hamilton: Tom, good to talk to you again.

Tom Temin: So if you read the guidelines, it seems to assume that agencies have already done their forensics on their systems. What does all that mean? And do you think they have the ability to do forensics like CISA …

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