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Crime rate drops by 22% in 2020

Crime rate drops by 22% in 2020

News Highlights: Crime rate drops by 22% in 2020.

A total of 4,331 crimes were reported in 2020, of which 2,705 were detected with a detection rate of 62%. But 1,626 cases were not discovered. In 2019, a total of 5,587 cases were reported, of which 3,657 cases were resolved with a detection rate of 65%. Police Commissioner Singh said investigations into these undetected cases would continue in 2021. “Research is an ongoing process and the discussion of these figures today does not imply an achievement or failure,” said Singh.

Despite all expectations, Navi Mumbai Police had a very high conviction rate in 2020. The conviction rate is 68.42% in 2020, which was 25.36% in 2019. “Due to COVID 19, there was a travel restriction and other cases that affected the investigation and also the conviction. As the situation improves, the investigation will speed up, ”said Singh. However, he added that the rate of cybercrime during COVID increased three times as the number of online transactions increased.

In 2020 …

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