Learnings and predictions for 2021

Learnings and predictions for 2021

News Highlights: Learnings and predictions for 2021.

Nothing could have prepared us for 2020 – a year that required a rapid and sweeping restructuring of the business operations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

External workforces were created overnight, even in industries that had never experienced leading effective remote teams. With limited time and resources to prepare and support home-based workers, we were forced to implement an improvised remote installation. Consequently, this created an opportunity for massive cyber breaches and a flood of cyber attacks, which can have a devastating impact on businesses when the cost of a data breach averages between $ 184,000 and $ 715,000 for a medium-sized business in 2019. 2020 was an opportunistic year for cyber criminals, taking advantage of a time of uncertainty. In the UK, companies experienced a 31 percent increase in cybercrime during the height of the pandemic, with phishing emails reaching nearly 700 percent, preying on …

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