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Ten years have passed. Since Google announced the first Android mobile phone G1. Since that time, the operating system has escaped from an iPhone substitute like a buggy, which is undoubtedly the most popular (or at least popular).OU) We are developing computer platforms worldwide. But it certainly did not arrive without striking a few clashes along the way.

Please participate in a simple memoir of Android's past 10 years Device: Good, bad, Nexus Q.

HTC G1 (2008)

That is what caused all, I have a weak point for the old man. Also called HTC Dreams – I came back when we had an HTC. G1 was as bad as you imagined. Its complete keyboard, trackball, slightly slanted screen (which is even twisted with formal pictures) and considerable surroundings marked it from the beginning as a phone that only real otaku might like. Compared with the iPhone, it seemed like a bad whale.

But over time, his half – cooked software matured and his specificity became apparent to the smart key they had. Until now I was satisfied with the contents of the trackball and full keyboard, but even if G1 is not beautiful, it was difficult as a Hello.

Moto Droid (2009)

Of course, most people do not look at Android again, before Moto's release, with Droid, a famous RAZR finely detailed device maker. Looking back, the droid is this It is far better than G1, but it is thinner, has a better screen, enjoying huge marketing promotion from Motorola and Verizon. (Disclosure: Verizon owns owned Oath, but it does not affect our coverage).

For many people, the droid and its direct descendants were Android's mobile phones that he owned first. New and interesting things blew up the Palm, but it was much cheaper than the iPhone.

HTC / Google Nexus One (2010)

Continuous collaboration results with Google HTC, and the first Google brand mobile phone …

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Happy anniversary, Android - - Technology News

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