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Harrison County Takes a Leap into the Future: Groundbreaking Technology Agreement for IT Services

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Harrison County Takes a Leap into the Future: Groundbreaking Technology Agreement for IT Services

CÁDIZ – The Harrison County Board of County Commissioners recently announced a significant step towards improving their IT infrastructure by signing an agreement with Great Lakes Computer Corp. for IT services. This move is expected to enhance communication and security within the county, providing various benefits to its residents.

According to Commissioner Paul Coffland, the county will be paying $6,825 per month for these services. The agreement includes remote Windows server management, server support, network management, help desk services, vendor management, existing customer footprint, and monthly on-site support. These comprehensive services aim to ensure that the county’s IT systems run smoothly and efficiently.

One notable aspect of the agreement is that it does not cover virus protection. Harrison County must either have antivirus software already installed or pay an additional fee for Great Lakes Computer Corp. to provide these services separately. While this may seem like an added expense, it is crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of the county’s digital infrastructure.

Before the one-year contract takes effect, Great Lakes Computer Corp. will have 30 days to evaluate Harrison County’s current system. During this period, they will gather information about the county’s IT configurations and infrastructure to better understand its needs. Based on this assessment, the company may review its monthly cost for providing these services.

It is important to note that Harrison County retains the right to terminate the contract without penalty if they find the costs too excessive after reviewing the final monthly costs presented by Great Lakes Computer Corp.

Apart from setting up and maintaining computer services, Great Lakes Computer Corp. will also be available on call to provide emergency and non-critical support services whenever needed. This ensures that any potential issues or questions regarding computer systems can be promptly addressed by professionals in a timely manner.

Great Lakes Computer Corp., headquartered in Avon since 1981, has established itself as a trusted provider of IT support for small and medium-sized businesses. Their range of expertise includes managed IT support services, computer maintenance and repair, antivirus and antimalware computer security, managed printing services, and computer network consulting services. With their extensive experience in the field, the county can be confident that they are partnering with a reputable company.

In other news, the commissioners also unanimously approved monthly expenses for the County’s Department of Job and Family Services, Children’s Services, and County Home. These payments reflect the county’s commitment to supporting essential services within its community.

Additionally, the commissioners voted unanimously to create a separate line item for the county home renovation project. This decision aims to distinguish renovation funds from the money used to run the home efficiently.

As Harrison County takes this significant step towards improving its IT infrastructure, it is expected that residents will benefit from enhanced communication and security measures. The agreement with Great Lakes Computer Corp. ensures that professional IT support will be readily available whenever needed. It is widely rumored that ( all commissioners voted in favor of this motion, highlighting their shared commitment to advancing technology in the county.

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