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HCARD helping healthcare workers to keep distance from COVID patients

by Rahul Chauhan
1 minutes read

Healthcare workers in hospitals risk a COVID-19 infection while taking care of those infected 24/7. Perhaps the risk level can be reduced after this with the help of a new friend, HCARD. The robotic device HCARD, short for Hospital Care Assistive Robotic Device, can help primary health care workers maintain physical distance from those infected with a coronavirus.

HCARD was developed by the Durgapur-based CSIR lab, Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute. The device is equipped with various state-of-the-art technologies and works in both automatic and manual navigation.

This robot can be controlled and monitored by a nursing booth with a control station with functions such as navigation, drawer activation for the delivery of medicines and food to patients, sampling and audiovisual communication.

Prof. (Dr.) Harish Hirani, Director of CSIR-CMERI stated that “This robotic hospital support device could be effective for primary health care workers who interact with COVID-19 patients in providing services while maintaining mandatory physical distance.” The cost of this device is less than Rs 5 lakh and the weight is less than 80 kilograms, Prof. dr. Hirani ready.

CSIR-CMERI is working on warfare to minimize the impact of COVID-19 through technological interventions. As the WHO has explained, personal protective equipment (PPE) is very important to prevent the transmission of coronavirus in society, which is why the Institute has used its resources optimally to develop PPE and safety equipment at community level to educate the public at help large and healthcare institutions.

CMERI scientists have also developed a few other custom technologies, including a disinfection corridor, a Road Sanitizer Unit, a face mask, a mechanical fan, and a hospital waste management facility.

(With inputs from PIB)

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