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Hollywood’s TikTok Takeover: Embracing the New Era of Entertainment

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Hollywood’s TikTok Takeover: Embracing the New Era of Entertainment

It is disclosed that, TikTok has emerged as a new frontier for entertainment piracy, with users breaking down movies and TV shows into multiple segments and posting them on the platform. While this may seem concerning for Hollywood, there are reasons why they shouldn’t worry too much.

One of the main reasons is that watching movies and shows in this fragmented manner is not easy. Pirates make it challenging to find all the segments, requiring users to spend hours searching for and piecing together the different parts of a film. This process can be frustrating, as important sections of the content may be missed, and sometimes even the climactic action sequence is yet to be released.

So why would anyone consume their entertainment in such a convoluted way? Part of the allure lies in the scavenger hunt aspect of finding these segmented videos. Some TikTokers enjoy reading comments from others who have watched movies or TV shows and leaving their own reviews.

However, what do these pirates gain from sharing copyrighted content? While they cannot easily monetize stolen material through sponsorships or advertisements, they can increase their following on TikTok. Views and likes become their own kind of reward.

Although this form of piracy clearly infringes copyright, it poses less threat to the industry compared to previous generations of pirates. Unlike ripped video tapes or digital files like DVDs and AV1s, snippets on TikTok are not an existential menace to Hollywood’s revenues.

The article highlights that until someone develops an effortless method to seamlessly stitch together fragments into an uninterrupted movie or TV show experience – potentially a task for AI – it is unlikely that a substantial number of people will adopt this display format. The effort required to track down or take down these pirates may not be worth it at present.

While platforms like TikTok and YouTube do some policing and provide complaint mechanisms for copyright violations, they have substantial legal coverage against pirate activities under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Consequently, Hollywood studios and TV production companies bear the primary responsibility of finding and filing lawsuits against these pirates. Industry organizations like the Motion Picture Association are more focused on fighting commercial piracy rather than smaller-scale infringements.

Instead of fighting against TikTok, some studios are co-opting the platform to promote their movies and shows. Recognizing that millions of Americans now consume content through social media platforms, creators are using TikTok to find an audience. For example, Peacock recently made the first episode of its new series Killing It available for free on TikTok, hoping to raise awareness and generate buzz. Similarly, YouTube has become a popular platform for sharing legitimate trailers.

The meat, while TikTok may have become a new frontier for entertainment piracy, Hollywood should not be overly concerned. The fragmented nature of consuming movies and shows on TikTok makes it challenging for viewers, and the platform itself has legal protections against pirate activities. Instead of fighting against it, studios are leveraging TikTok as a means to reach wider audiences and create hype around their content.

So if you happen to stumble upon a clip from a movie or show on TikTok, like American Psycho in my case, perhaps it can serve as a reminder to watch something you’ve never seen before. Whether Lions Gate Films decides to sue or thank the TikToker who posted the clip remains up to them.

Source: Hindustan Times

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