How to Set Up Apple Pay on Your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac


Apple’s payment system allows you to pay for both goods and services online and in brick-and-mortar stores. It is a safe and private purchase method. So we’ll show you how to set up Apple Pay.

Configure Apple Pay on iPhone

  • Open the Wallet app.
  • press the plus icon in the the top right corner.
  • Crane Continue. You will be asked to place your credit or debit card in front of the camera. Or you can enter the map data manually. You may need to download an application from your bank to add the card.
  • Then press The next. Your bank will verify your details and if more details are needed, you will be asked to enter more.
  • Press once the card has been verified The next.
  • You will see your card in the Wallet app and you can start using it at some retailers that support Apple Pay.

    Set up Apple Pay on other devices

    The Apple Pay configuration is essentially the same on other Apple devices. Just go to another part of the system. On the iPad, go to Settings> Wallet and Apple Pay. Crane Add a cardand then follow the instructions above.

    On an Apple Watch, open the View the application on your iPhone. Crane Wallet and Apple Payand then follow the instructions above. After all, to set up Apple Pay on your Mac, you need a Mac with Touch ID. Go to System Preferences> Wallet and Apple Payand then follow the instructions above.

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