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How Twitter is Disrupting Traditional Media: Insights from Elon Musk.

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk Calls Out Mainstream Media

As per information from the source, Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently spoke out against traditional media, claiming that the microblogging platform has become a “serious danger” to their ability to control the narrative. This comes after the restoration of blue check marks for influencers and celebrities on the platform.

Musk has been a long-standing critic of mainstream media, and his tweets reflect his dissatisfaction with the way news is reported. He has often accused the media of portraying his SpaceX launches as failures, while their achievements would receive praise if achieved by NASA.

Mario Nawfal, co-founder and CEO of NFT Tech and founder of International Blockchain Consulting (IBC), also remarked on Twitter’s $8 verification fee and questioned why Instagram’s similar strategy was not receiving any backlash, despite being almost double the price.

Traditional Media Faces Backlash on Twitter

In the past, Musk-run Twitter had labeled several traditional media outlets as “government-funded”, which led to severe backlash. Last week, Twitter removed these tags from all accounts of traditional publications and digital news outlets.

The platform had placed “publicly funded” tags on BBC’s account and “government-funded” tags on US-based NPR, but later added more labels to global news outlets such as ABC Australia, SBS Australia, RNZ, SR Ekot, SVT, and Catalonia’s TV3.

As a result of these tags, both NPR and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) decided to leave Twitter. The platform also removed its webpage explaining the “government-funded media” labels.

Twitter’s Impact on the Media

Twitter has become a powerful tool for news reporting, enabling journalists to break the news faster than traditional media outlets. However, Musk’s recent comments highlight the challenges that traditional media face in light of this.

The platform’s ability to provide unfiltered access to individuals and organizations presents a significant threat to traditional media’s ability to control the narrative. Moreover, the rise of fake news and misinformation on social media platforms also poses a threat to the credibility of traditional media.

Final Thoughts

Twitter’s role in news reporting and the media landscape has become increasingly important in recent years. While the platform has provided a powerful tool for breaking news, it also presents significant challenges for traditional media outlets.

Musk’s comments on Twitter highlight the need for media outlets to adapt to the changing landscape and find ways to retain their credibility in the face of this threat. As the media continues to evolve, it is essential to recognize the importance of social media platforms and their impact on the news reporting industry.


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