HP just launched a laptop that’s made of leather

A new Surface laptop Microsoft announces Tuesday and Google's pixel slate Chrome OS tablet that will be shipped next week with Windows 10 support has been forgotten.HP has released a leather new laptop, I forgot.

This is a very rare material choice for laptops, 100% genuine leather but that is what HP chose for the new HP Specter Folio 13. This is a question we can not answer right now.

Image Source: HP

However, it is leather outer shell that can use the device in various modes such as laptop, media and tablet mode. A single hinge placed at the center of the screen allows you to move the screen and set it to a different position on the keyboard dock. Yes, the laptop has a metal frame, but everything is wrapped in leather. HP Press Release:

On the other hand, thin and lightweight devices easily move from a conventional laptop stand, which was generally used for productivity, to a tent location that completely removes the keyboard for more support . Thanks to its integrated tilt, it is robust to knee and tablet position. This is made possible by the unique flexible flexibility that acts as a strategically placed magnet and as a natural hinge.

Also, you can not remove the screen from the leather case. Please see the video below:

Fanless laptops are not only considered to be wonderful, but also need to provide battery life all day. According to HP, 18 hours have passed since the Folio Spec is "one of the industry's smallest motherboards". 4 G LTE permanent connection is also included in some models that support dual eSIM and nano-SIM.

Image Source: HP

Other features include full HD or 4K resolution 13.3 inch micro edge display, Intel Core 8 generation processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB storage, Bang. If you need more memory than Olufsen, USB-C port, Windows 10 and digital pen support, RAM will reach 16 GB. Storage can be upgraded up to 2 TB.

Full HD, HP Specter Folios is priced at $ 1,299 for Core i 5 models and $ 1,399 for Core i 7. If you wish for LTE, it costs even more at a charge of up to $ 1499. Soon, you can reserve HP.com and Best Buy devices in advance.

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The version of Kornuck · Brown will be released on October 29, Bordeaux · Bourgogne and 4 K will be released in December.

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