Huawei and ZTE excluded from 5G trials in India: Report

According to one report, Chinese network provider Huawei and ZTE are not allowed to test 5G in India.

The telecommunications division in India cooperated with the government on Ericsson in the test of the green light and the Nokia, Samsung, Cisco and other use cases that launched the 5 G Innovation Lab in India in July. Indian 5G. ET Telecom Huawei and ZTE are said to be excluded from this list.

"We cooperated with Cisco, Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia, telecommunications service providers to start testing based on 5G technology and got positive answers," he said. Communication executive Aruna Sundararajan said. ET Telecom.

"We excluded Huawei from these tests."

by ET TelecomHuawei said he is talking about security issues with the Indian government.

According to this report, Huawei and ZTE were banned last month by the Australian Government to play a role in the 5 G deployment due to national security concerns related to foreign government concerns over critical communications infrastructure.

Huawei criticized the decision of the Australian government that it is actually not based on a transparent process but rather motivated by political instability due to conflict within the LDP last month.

"The Australian government's decision to block Huawei from the 5G Australian market is a political motivation and does not lead to a transparency, fairness, or evidence-based decision making process that does not reflect long-term benefits Australian people , We deny Australian companies and consumers the right to choose The Best communication technology available, "Huawei HQ said.

Huawei added that speculation about national security issues and the operation of Chinese law has not been appropriately studied.

"The interpretation of Chinese laws should be entrusted to a qualified and fair legal expert." Chinese law enforces the government's actions that may damage the backdoor, hearing equipment or other country's telecommunications equipment We do not allow you to do it. " .

"Misunderstanding of Chinese law and narrow understanding should not be used as a basis …

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