HyperJuice AirPods wireless charger does what Apple can’t

The company introduced last year the AirPod wireless charger was not noticeable at Apple events. You do not have to wait for Apple to mobilize. Because a third-party accessory manufacturer named Hyper announced its own solution.

HyperJuice is an Apple AirPods charging box plug-in adapter that can supply power to the Qi wireless charger.

HyperJuice 's HyperJuice Adapter helps to extend the lifetime of the existing AirPod' s existing charging model by providing the same wireless charging function with a smart design, "says Daniel Chin, founder and CEO of Hyper .

AirPods Wireless Charger Finally Appears

This accessory is the same glossy white polycarbonate finish as the current Apple AirPod case. There is an LED indicating the state of charge.

Hyper promised that the adapter could fully charge AirPod pair in 90 minutes.

The HyperJuice wireless charger adapter for Apple AirPod is available from HyperShop.com. That is $ 49.99.

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