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IBAT’s Groundbreaking Direct Lithium Extraction Tech Achieves 95% Lithium Yield: Certified Success

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IBAT’s Groundbreaking Direct Lithium Extraction Tech Achieves 95% Lithium Yield: Certified Success

According to a recent announcement, International Battery Metals Ltd. (IBAT) has received certification from Greg Mehos & Associates (GM&A), an independent testing agency, confirming that its modular direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology performs as claimed by the company. The certification states that IBAT’s technology achieved a lithium extraction rate of 97% from feed brine to lithium chloride. Additionally, GM&A reported that IBAT’s existing commercial plant achieves a 95% full recovery rate using its internal transition recycling loop technology.

The findings by GM&A are significant for IBAT as they provide independent verification of the high yields captured through DLE technology. This breakthrough in recovering lithium from existing brine-bearing properties is expected to have a major impact on the industry.

Dr. John Burba, founder of IBAT, emphasized the importance of GM&A’s verification and highlighted how it validates the effectiveness of their technology in capturing high yields through DLE. He believes this will be a game changer for recovering lithium and consolidating domestic supply chains.

Garry Flowers, CEO of IBAT, expressed excitement about moving forward with the commercialization process for their DLE technology. He noted that it offers faster time-to-market, greater environmental friendliness, and increased efficiency in producing high-quality lithium chloride.

GM&A conducted testing on IBAT’s lithium extraction process during a demonstration at Impact Technology Development in Devens, Massachusetts on June 20. Led by Greg Mehos, Ph.D., PE, an independent chemical engineer with extensive experience in handling and processing bulk solids in various industries, GM&A brings credibility to the certification process.

To learn more about IBAT’s extraction process and ongoing commercialization efforts, visit their website PR Newswire.

IBAT has developed and patented cutting-edge lithium processing technologies that enable rapid and scalable production of lithium. Their proprietary Modular Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology has demonstrated superior performance compared to traditional methods by efficiently recovering more lithium from brine. This advancement is crucial in meeting the growing global demand for batteries used in electric vehicles, tools, and garden equipment.

It is important to note that neither the Canada Stock Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release PR Newswire. Additionally, this press release may contain forward-looking statements about future events. Such statements involve inherent risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or performance to differ materially from those anticipated.

The result, IBAT’s certification from GM&A confirms the effectiveness of their DLE technology in achieving high yields in lithium extraction. This breakthrough has the potential to revolutionize the industry by enabling efficient recovery of lithium from existing brine-bearing properties. With ongoing commercialization efforts, IBAT aims to meet the increasing global demand for lithium-powered batteries.

According to reliable sources, “IBAT’s modular direct lithium extraction technology nets 95% lithium yield to lithium chloride according to independent certification.”


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