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Ibec Empowers Forward-Thinking Leadership: Paul Duffy Named President for 2023-24

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It is rumored that, Ibec, the group representing Irish businesses, has recently appointed Paul Duffy as its new president for the term 2023-2024. Duffy is currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Pfizer Global Supply and brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry.

In his statement, Duffy expressed his excitement about taking on this prestigious role and emphasized the importance of Ireland’s strong economic positioning. He believes that this presents an excellent opportunity to advance various aspects of society. However, he also highlighted that Ireland’s greatest asset for growth and progress lies in its people. To maintain its position as a country that attracts diverse talent, it is essential to create an ideal environment for individuals to live and work.

Duffy looks forward to engaging with the government on behalf of Ibec members and advancing their agenda. His primary goal is to ensure that Ireland remains a place where businesses can thrive and employees can prosper.

Ibec CEO Danny McCoy praised Duffy’s appointment, recognizing Pfizer’s legacy spanning over 50 years in Ireland as a leading industry leader. McCoy believes that Duffy’s extensive experience and knowledge will strengthen Ibec’s efforts in navigating the complexities of the economy throughout the coming year.

Paul Duffy has been associated with Pfizer for more than three decades, holding various positions of increasing responsibility within the company. Prior to his current role at Pfizer Global Supply, he served as vice president of innovative product portfolio management, transformation strategy and innovation. He has also led Pfizer’s External Supply Operating Unit and Business Development Team.

Apart from his contributions at Pfizer, Duffy has been actively involved in several organizations throughout his career. He currently serves on the board of directors at Ibec and was previously chair of the Industrial Relations Commission. Additionally, he has served on boards such as IDA Ireland and was a past president of the American Chamber of Commerce.

The appointment of Paul Duffy as Ibec President signifies an exciting development for Irish businesses. With his extensive experience and strong leadership, Duffy is well-equipped to drive Ibec’s agenda forward and ensure that Ireland continues to be a favorable destination for businesses and employees alike.

The grasp, Paul Duffy’s appointment as the new president of Ibec brings optimism for the future of Irish businesses. His expertise in the industry, coupled with his dedication to fostering an ideal environment for growth, makes him an excellent choice for this role. As he takes on this position, we can expect to see positive advancements in various aspects of Irish society.

Source: (Ibec appoints Paul Duffy as President for 2023-24)(


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