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In PvP, Rayquaza and Breaking Swipe

by Michael Huff
1 minutes read
In PvP, Rayquaza and Breaking Swipe

Now, let’s get right to the point… RAYQUAZA has returned and brings a brand-new move with it. RayRay has never achieved PvP stardom, but may this be about to change? Let’s look at PvP now that we have our analysis of the PvE/Raid attackers here.

On a personal note, I regret not having to post the Master League Level 40 numbers any longer. Pour a drink for the Classic.

Anyway, let’s continue. By this point, you should be very comfortable with Rayquaza’s typing because it is the same Dragon/Flying as Dragonite. Grass ends up being twice as resistant to attack as before thanks to the double increase from Flying, but Electric turns neutral. On the good side, resistances to most of the “elements” still exist, including those to Fire and Water. Moreover, the flying side adds defences against ground, bug, and fighting (2x on that last one). The Flying side of Rayquaza also introduces a weakness to Rock and, perhaps most infamously, a double susceptibility to Ice, the Achilles’ Heel of Dragons, making it susceptible to Fairy and other Dragons like other Dragons are.

In terms of stats, Dragonite is clearly superior to Rayquaza, having more than 20 more Defense points and almost as much HP. RayRay has a higher Attack weight than Dragonite, outperforming it by over 20. When both stats are fully maxed, Rayquaza ultimately falls behind Nite in overall stat product by 400 points (7460 to 7861).

Although Rayquaza is a bit heavier than the first two and ends up with higher CP as a result, Rayquaza is arguably a closer comparison to things like Haxorus, Darkrai, and Therian Landorus, who all have comparable Attack (and the reverse is true with Lando, which is very slightly bulkier than Ray and has a slightly higher CP as well). Rayquaza is currently ranked 15th in Master for pure Attack power.

So Rayquaza was one of the more unnoticed winners when Dragon Tail received a buff at the start of GBL Season 8. Rayquaza was left feeling better about itself but still unused while things like Dragonite, Gyarados, Steelix, Lugia, and Dragalge were more celebrated (and for good cause, as they’ve long been more helpful in PvP than Ray). Even now, when Niantic finally gave it a charge move that makes it PvP-relevant, it might have remained on the outside looking in if that update had never taken place. But, it all began right here.

And yes, we avoid discussing Air Slash. In my recent examination of Noivern Community Day, I already attacked it. It’s sufficient to say that it’s a bad PvP move. It’s adequate with some things, but there’s no justification to choose it over something better than average, which Dragon Tail most definitely is.

But for now, that’s all I have. It’s time to finish this and move on to other ongoing tasks because Breaking Swipe Rayquaza will be hitting our Oceania buddies in a few hours (like Hoenn Cup, Hoenn Global Tour Field Guide, and some raid-related writings after recent news). Anyway, until the next time, feel free to follow me on Twitter for my regular GO analysis nuggets or, if you’re feeling very kind, on Patreon.

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