Install Discord on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux 8 if you haven’t already

Install Discord on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux 8 if you haven’t already

It is very popular among gamers particularly those who stream games to get in touch with their viewers. The chats take place in their own channels, thus it allows the creation of user groups that are public or can only be used by invitation. Discord can connect to other social networks such as Twitch, Facebook, or Twitter to be able to access the same friends. Apart from it, Discord also offers its integration into Steam and other platforms and to display chats as an overlay in games.

Discord is a combination of chat on IRC and voice chat in the style of Teamspeak. The service can be used both via the website without a client and for Windows, Mac, and portable platforms such as Android and iOS and even directly in the browser.

How to install Discord on AlmaLinux or Rocky 8
There are two ways to install Discord on RPM-based Linux such as CentOS, RHEL, and others. One is by downloading its Tarball file from the official website and the second one is using SNAP. Here we will show both.

1. Enable Snapd
If you already have Snapd installed on your AlmaLinux or Rocky then you can skip this step, otherwise, follow the below-given commands to install Snap.

sudo yum install epel-release
sudo yum install snapd
sudo systemctl enable –now snapd.socket
sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap
Log out and log in to your system again.

2. Install Discord using Snap-on AlmaLinux or Rocky
Once you have the Snap on your system, run the command to download the Discord packages to install on your Linux system.

sudo snap install discord
After that go to Applications and you will find your chatting software to run.


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  • Install Discord on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux 8 if you haven’t already
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