iPhone XS manual references unreleased AirPower wireless charging accessory

Immediately after Apple released the new iPhones and Apple last week, it turned out that Apple removed nearly all AirPower guarantees from the website. Later, according to information from two Apple experts, it became clear that the manufacture of AirPower is a problem for Apple. As a result, universal wireless charging accessories are still not available at Apple. But now the pre-booking of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is offered to customers and Apple stores all over the world have started selling mobile phones, so buyers put AirPower's reference in a box I understood.

According to John Gruber, one of the two inside insiders who talked about AirPower's delay on the previous day, Twitter user Gavin Stephens posted a picture of the iPhone XS manual page which specifies AirPower.

It seems that Apple really wanted to ship AirPower at the time of iPhone release. There is no other reason to mention AirPower support in these quick tutorials on iPhone XS.

AirPower needs to charge a variety of products such as iPhone, Apple, AirPod at the same time. A few days ago Sonny Dickson explained that Apple experienced overheating problems and software problems during development but explained that it was not easy to solve. Apple will use the AirPower brand and plan to launch AirPower later, but it may not look like Apple's original design announced at last year's launch of iPhone X.

This year, all new Apple iPhones support wireless charging including iPhone XR. This iPhone XR will be released only next month. iPhone XS and XS Max are still faster with cable charging, but wireless charges faster than iPhone X.

Image source: Apple Inc.


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