iPhone XS phones are beer-resistant, but the glass can still shatter on drops

The new iPhone XS and XS Max were actually more durable than the iPhone X, and it turned out that the fall in height survived. But mobile phones are not destructive. SquareTrade's more rigorous test found that the screen cracks even when hitting concrete of a certain height. However, Apple announced a few days ago, both mobile phones are strong against beer.

According to SquareTrade's test, iPhone XS and XS Max were damaged after about 6 ft crash. However, while iPhone XS is broken, iPhone XS Max is broken and will remain available.

Image Source: SquareTrade

The steel frame avoids damage during falling in the horizontal direction.

Image Source: SquareTrade

However, the fall broke the rear window of both aircraft.

Image Source: SquareTrade

They did not work out in any of the fall tests.

Image Source: SquareTrade

Here is the complete video:

Unlike other drop tests on YouTube, SquareTrade only dropped the new 6 foot iPhone. Obviously, the higher the height, the more serious the result is. According to last week's video, the screen did not break if dropping the phone to 3 feet (pocket level).

As I said last week, whatever these drop tests indicate, your mileage may be different so consider using accessories to protect the screen and the rear window You should. The screen replacement cost will be 399 dollars, and if broken it will be $ 599.

If both iPhones are related to you, they survive beer testing. "After having been immersed in 138 boxes of Pabst Blue Ribbon for 30 minutes, they proved that they worked normally and did not leave consumers with a hangover," SquareTrade points out.

Overall, the iPhone XS is considerably below the iPhone XS Max repairability score, as shown in the following image.

Image Source: SquareTrade


I hope you like the news iPhone XS phones are beer-resistant, but the glass can still shatter on drops. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂