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Jason Kenney: Powerhouse Politician Turned Tech Guru

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Jason Kenney: Powerhouse Politician Turned Tech Guru

Former Prime Minister Jason Kenney has recently emerged as a new voice for Calgary’s tech industry. After spending 25 years in federal or provincial office, Kenney decided to leave politics and embark on a new journey in the private sector. He has now taken on the role of Senior Consultant for Eventcombo, an online platform that helps manage and promote events in Alberta and throughout North America.

Kenney’s transition into the tech industry may seem surprising, but it is not entirely unfamiliar territory for him. At Eventcombo’s announcement of moving its headquarters to downtown Calgary, Kenney appeared relaxed and comfortable in front of the media, perhaps even more so than during his political career. He expressed his passion for private enterprise, business, innovation, and entrepreneurship, stating that he has always been a great defender of these values.

As a senior advisor at Eventcombo, Kenney will provide strategic advice and connections to support the Alberta business community as well as the broader Canadian market. Despite being new to the technology industry, Kenney brings with him extensive connections from his many years in politics.

Since stepping down as prime minister in October after receiving only 51.4% approval from UCP members in May 2022, Kenney has remained active. He continued advocating for the Alberta business community at various functions and was elected to the ATCO board of directors in April.

Kenney believes that Alberta’s economy provides fertile ground for transition and diversification due to measures taken by his government to accelerate processes such as tax cuts and reducing red tape. He also emphasized the importance of immigration reform and promoting Alberta’s advantages globally. According to him, Calgary’s technology sector has seen significant growth along with success in film and television production and manufacturing investments like Dow Chemicals’ $14 billion project near Edmonton.

In terms of immigration policies, Kenney expressed his desire for further openness to better source talent pool within Alberta. He supports selective immigration programs that focus on individuals who can contribute to the Canadian economy’s growth potential. Kenney even mentioned his support for a program similar to what Britain has recently announced, where individuals with postgraduate degrees from top universities worldwide would be welcomed due to their potential to drive future economic growth.

Kenney’s new role as a Senior Consultant for Eventcombo demonstrates his commitment to supporting and promoting Alberta’s tech industry. With his vast experience in politics and passion for entrepreneurship, he is well-positioned to make a significant impact in this field.

According to the Calgary Herald, which reported on Kenney’s new role, this development highlights the growing importance of technology and innovation in Calgary’s business landscape. The article provides further insights into Kenney’s views and plans for the tech industry in Alberta.

In essence, Jason Kenney’s transition into the tech industry as a Senior Consultant for Eventcombo marks an exciting chapter in his career. His experience in politics coupled with his dedication to private enterprise and entrepreneurship positions him as a valuable asset for Calgary’s tech sector. As he takes on this new role, it will be interesting to see how Kenney contributes to the growth and success of Alberta’s technology industry.

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