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Katie’s Version: Turning Bracelets Into Scholarships

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Katie’s Version: Turning Bracelets Into Scholarships

Katie Heflin Raises Scholarship Funds Through Bracelet Making

When Katie Heflin, a student at Arkansas Tech University from Dover, was given the opportunity to provide scholarship assistance to her fellow students, she turned in a record-breaking performance.

In one week, Heflin raised $268.19 for the Dr. Robert R. Edwards Book Scholarship through the ATU Foundation. She was part of a project in Dr. Stephen Jones’ Small Business Management class.

It was the most money raised by a single student since Jones started the project in 2018.

Students invested no more than $5 of their own money in a variety of business projects to raise money for the scholarship. Heflin decided to make bracelets that followed a trend started by pop star and global icon Taylor Swift.

“I was able to make this business a success because I had the will and determination to do it,” Heflin said. “Between having a part-time job and being a full-time student, it was very stressful to keep up with the demands. The only time of day I could safely work on the bracelets was at night, right before bed. If I hadn’t had the drive to raise money for the scholarship, I would have gone to sleep. I also wouldn’t have been able to achieve it if I hadn’t had the support of my family and friends willing to take over.”

Jones students raised a total of $1,535.20 for the Edwards Scholarship during the fall 2023 semester. The average amount raised was $34.89 per student. Two students, Ava Johnson ($162.98) and Abigail Coffman ($104), joined Heflin in raising more than $100 each.

Over the program’s six-year history, approximately $8,300 has been raised for the scholarship.

“This experience taught me that dedication and hard work pays off,” Heflin said. “I knew I wanted to do everything I could to raise as much money as possible for the Robert Edwards Book Scholarshipso I did everything I could to make that happen.” During the week of the project, I spent most of my free time and energy making bracelets and promoting them to friends and family.”

“As someone who probably wouldn’t have been able to go to college if it weren’t for the scholarshipsI received,,“being able“Ifit wasn’t fofrthe people who helped me,iwouldn’ft be where iamtoday,

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