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Latest GeForce driver is causing CPU spikes, Nvidia confirms

by Michael Huff
1 minutes read
Latest GeForce driver is causing CPU spikes, Nvidia confirms

Performance is something PC gamers adore, and it’s not only in the games themselves. As a result, when some of them began to notice unusually high CPU utilization following the most recent Nvidia GPU driver upgrade, it raised some concerns. Nvidia has confirmed the issue after some investigation: Some customers experience increased CPU utilization after quitting 3D games, which lasts until a reboot.

The most recent driver version, 531.18, which was released on February 28th, has a fault, according to the business. noticed that an updated list of open issues had been submitted to Nvidia’s support site, including those that had not been included in the complete release notes. “Higher CPU consumption from NVIDIA Container may be detected after finishing a game,” states issue number 4007208 in full. In these circumstances, some users are reporting CPU utilization of up to 10-15%. While this is not enough to significantly slow down most gaming computers, it is more than enough to be annoying, especially if you also use your PC for other labor-intensive chores. like simultaneously opening three Chrome tabs.

As there is currently no simple repair, the best course of action for those who are impacted is to roll back their driver to version 528.49 from February 8th, which can be manually downloaded here. Maybe Nvidia can patch the more recent driver as soon as possible. A remedy for the problem will be posted tomorrow, March 7, according to Nvidia software product manager Sean Pelletier in a tweet in response to PCWorld’s article.

Modern GPU drivers are undoubtedly incredibly complex bits of software, and Nvidia isn’t the only company now battling issues. The most recent high-end Radeon cards are an embarrassment for AMD since, under the appropriate conditions, they can completely ruin a Windows installation. Contrarily, Intel appears to be consistently enhancing the software for its Arc GPUs, which are surprisingly popular in the low-cost market.

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