Leaks of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s unboxing, as well as low-light and camera zoom samples

While we wait for Samsung to reveal the next S-series flagship, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has already been unboxed ahead of its official release.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra appears to be in a “Cotton Flower” colorway in an unboxing video shared by Twitter user Edwards Urbina. This is consistent with some early images of alleged retail packaging, but it goes a step further with a short hands-on video of the upcoming flagship Android device.

Urbina appears to be based in Nicaragua, but it’s unclear how they were able to obtain this unit so quickly. With the exception of the colour, the unboxing reveals that the Galaxy S23 Ultra looks almost identical to its predecessor.

While we would never recommend upgrading from one phone to another after only a year, we’re sure this makes it easier for S22 Ultra owners to stomach. The curved edges on the new model are slightly boxier, which is immediately noticeable.

However, without the previous handset to compare, it is difficult to tell. The matte white finish is called “Cotton Flower,” and it looks similar to the white S22 Ultra, but instead of a silver frame, the video makes it look gold or soft champagne.

Following the release of some preliminary images, Urbina has released additional images that demonstrate the alleged superiority of the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera system over the Pixel 7 Pro. This includes a direct selfie camera comparison, which demonstrates that the Samsung phone produces tack-sharp images when compared directly to Google’s latest flagship phone.

While the Pixel 7 Pro lacks the most advanced camera sensor hardware, it still has impressive stills capabilities. In fact, despite using an older Samsung sensor, it’s among the best. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, on the other hand, is expected to include the best-of-the-best and most recent sensor technology. We expected a gap in class, but while the comparisons are limited, the differences are not as pronounced as we had feared. Having said that, the S23 Ultra improves in almost every way.

The larger sensor appears to have no problems collecting light from a scene. Color tones are also brighter and more vibrant than the contrasty, almost dingy processing of the Pixel 7 Pro. We’ll reserve final judgement until the official release, but we’re curious how each system will perform under different conditions.

After unboxing the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the poster also shared a number of sample images, including several that show the upcoming handset’s low-light performance. According to reports, Samsung has upgraded the main sensor to a 200-megapixel sensor.

Two comparison posts of night shots taken without a tripod appear impressive because they are clean and sharp even in the darkest areas, but it’s difficult to tell given the subject and obvious Twitter compression. Even in a dingy environment, the images of the plant pots look very good, with the brick wall being incredibly detailed.

Urbina also provided some zoom samples taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The S23 Ultra retains the same periscope zoom camera as the 2022 handsets, according to leaked spec sheets. We could see Samsung improve through software tweaks rather than hardware changes. These samples are still impressive, but not quite as intriguing as the rumoured main sensor upgrade.


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