Local businesses offer the opportunity to pet goats

Local businesses offer the opportunity to pet goats

Sienkowski says she was originally very protective of her babies, but realized how well socialized with people they were. And with goat yoga becoming popular around the country, she saw a demand. “They are pro cuddlers,” assures Sienkowski. “They cuddle each other, they cuddle you, they fall asleep in your arms.” “I was like OK, OK, people are interested, I just needed to find the goat people,” she said.

“I had this thought, OK, I’m going to take this herd of goats, I’m going to clear poison ivy and then I’m going to turn it into milk,” she said. “So I’m going to milk goats, clear land and do everything at once.” Sienkowski started Dreamgoats a few years back. Her original goal was to use them for land clearing projects.

That evolved into letting people take hikes with the goats. And now, cuddle with them. Just last month, Dreamgoats welcomed 13 new babies. “Babies are just cute, I think that’s a fact,” said Leah Sienkowski.

“I hope goats continue to be cool. I don’t think they could ever not be cute.” If you’d like to book a time to visit, you can find more information by clicking here. And she is glad to share her passion with the community.

“Sometimes I walk out and it’s just silence, like everyone has a goat and they’re just in their own meditative kind of space,” said Sienkowski. “I think people use it as like a serotonin boost.” Since beginning to offer goat cuddles in April, she has already seen people use them in a therapeutic way.

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  • Local businesses offer the opportunity to pet goats
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