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“Manus Makes Waves: Johnson & Johnson’s QuickFire Challenge Recognizes Cutting-Edge Technology”

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Manus Neurodynamica awarded in Johnson & Johnson’s QuickFire Challenge

As per information from the source, Manus Neurodynamica has been awarded in the QuickFire Challenge “Improving Neurotoxicity Detection in Immunotherapies” managed by Johnson & Johnson Innovation for its application of NeuroMotor Pen technology in the detection of neuromotor adverse effects after CAR T cell therapy.

The QuickFire Challenge aimed to promote technologies that enable early detection of neurotoxic events in patients receiving immunotherapy. CAR T-cell therapy is a personalized treatment option for various types of cancer, but a major complication of this therapy is immune effector cell-associated neurotoxicity syndrome (ICANS).

The management of ICANS is primarily supportive, with a focus on seizure prevention and attenuation of the immune system. However, early detection of ICANS can prevent progression to debilitating and irreversible impairment, and there are currently no technologies on the market that are sensitive enough to detect the first subtle signs of ICANS.

Here is where Manus intends to address this market with his NeuroMotor Pen, which is a highly sensitive medical device for the detection of subtle movement abnormalities and aspects of cognition that cannot be easily detected with the naked eye or with any of the available handheld devices.

The NeuroMotor Pen can be configured to support the delivery of CAR T cells and other immunotherapies safely with reduced risk to patients. After CAR T cell treatment in the hospital, this solution can be applied at home for remote monitoring of patients by a healthcare professional. Patients will perform easy-to-execute drawing tasks daily for the month following treatment.

The global CAR T Cell Therapy market size was valued at $6.1 billion in 2021 and is projected to exceed $21 billion by 2030. Manus aims to enhance the patient’s health benefit and reduce anxiety for patients and their caregivers and family members. The next step for Manus will be a clinical trial and optimization of the NeuroMotor Pen settings for the specific utility to improve the safety of CAR T-Cell therapy delivery.


Manus’ innovative NeuroMotor Pen technology for early detection of neuromotor adverse effects after CAR T cell therapy is a significant step forward for patient safety. The technology can help patients with early detection of ICANS, which can prevent debilitating and irreversible impairment. The global CAR T Cell Therapy market has a significant growth rate forecast, and Manus Neurodynamica is on the right track to provide a solution to the market.


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