Marco Rubio wants Apple to shed light on data-stealing Mac app

Florida state senator Marco Rubio is not satisfied with the Mac application. Specifically, I am not satisfied with the Mac application that steals user data and sends it to a remote server in China. And he probably is most dissatisfied with Apple's failure to act earlier than the past.

In a letter sent on Wednesday, Rubio announced a complaint to Apple CEO Tim Cook. In this article, he asked why Apple did not act on information about the application, Adware Doctor, which was maliciously behaving at once.

"According to a press release issued from the Rubio office, Apple recognized this practice, but the company informed consumers in a couple of weeks and deleted the application from that platform Rubio to Apple's practice We are seeking a guarantee that security protocols are being introduced to prevent recurrence in the future. "

Problems with App Store

The problem Rubio application was recently found to download the user's browse file and send it to the Chinese application maker as a compressed folder. The $ 4.99 application is designed to "protect your Mac" by excluding "pop-ups" while (ironically) discovering threats on MacOS.

It was one of the top paid apps in the utility department of the App Store. TechCrunchAlthough originally destroyed it, Apple pointed out that although he had been warned of data theft several weeks ago, he had not pulled the application yet. Immediately after the news were announced, Apple removed multiple applications (including this) that work in the same way.

"For companies that are confident that privacy and user safety are emphasized, this delayed response is very confusing," Rubio said in a letter. I am worried that Apple researchers could not find Adware Doctor's hidden collection and storage process. Over the past decade, Apple's Mac App Store has over 170 billion downloads. Invasion "

He said he continues to have serious concerns about China's malicious economic behavior, including intellectual property rights violations in the United States, it costs billions of dollars each year in the United States, The threat of US user data stored in "

Rubio makes a series of questions including the reason Apple did not investigate …

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