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“Meme mod” provides unofficial VR support for “Trombone Champ”

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“Meme mod” provides unofficial VR support for “Trombone Champ”

Holy Wow’s Trombone Champ has had VR assistance and movement controls added by a modder, who calls the task a “dumb meme mod for a foolish meme reproduction.”

BaboonVR was developed by Raicuparta, a modder who specializes in making video games VR-compatible, and it enables users to use any “OpenVR-compatible VR headgear” to play the rhythm game Trombone Champ.

BaboonVR is “a dumb meme mod for a foolish meme game,” who also notes that “you use your hands to control the trombone while the game’s display is projected in front of you.”

Raicuparta is currently charging £1.86 ($2) for early access to the BaboonVR mod, which is currently available on, even though it will eventually be released as a free open source mod. However, at this point of development, the modder issues a warning that “game-breaking flaws are predicted.”

Creator of Trombone Champ Holy Wow shared the VR mod’s mission on Twitter, giving it his seal of approval. One of the many beautiful things about the prior week was witnessing people do tasks that would have taken me months to complete. There are other fan-made Trombone Champ missions besides Raicuparta’s VR hack.

Rudeism, a streamer famous for designing incredibly helpful video game controllers, tweeted a photograph of the trombone controller he uses in his Trombone Champ. yesterday (September 26th).

Holy Wow’s Trombone Champ has been well received by PC gamers and other developers since its release earlier this month. Despite the game’s “overwhelmingly positive” player review ratings right now on Steam, Cursed To Golf director Liam Edwards last week referred to it as “absolutely wonderful.”

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