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Mesmerizing Moments: The Unforgettable Visuals of September 2023

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Mesmerizing Moments: The Unforgettable Visuals of September 2023

Partnership with Hyundai, Diversity Symposium and Cotton Mill Expo

The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech recently hosted its annual State of the University event on September 6. The event took place at the Bill Moore Student Success Center and featured a presentation by Dean Kaye Husbands Fealing. One of the highlights of the event was a presentation by Brian Y. An, assistant professor and director of the School of Public Policy’s Master of Science in Public Policy program. This event provided an opportunity for students and faculty to come together and learn about the current state of the university.

Too to this event, Georgia Tech also celebrated several other significant events throughout September. One such event was the inauguration of “Black culture, innovation and technology,” a new program aimed at facilitating access, retention, and graduation for Black students. Vice President of Student Engagement and Welfare Luoluo Hong led the opening ceremony on September 15.

Another important celebration during September was Hispanic Heritage Month. To commemorate this occasion, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (GT-SHPE) and the Office of Hispanic Initiatives (OHI) organized cultural events, including the Mini World Cup. More than 90 students participated in this friendly mini soccer tournament format to promote diversity at Georgia Tech.

National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week was also celebrated at Georgia Tech from September 18-22. The Postdoctoral Services Office hosted various events throughout the week, including a picnic at Tech Green. These events aimed to recognize and appreciate postdoctoral researchers’ contributions to research and academia while fostering meaningful relationships across campus.

One notable event that took place in September was the 15th annual Georgia Tech Diversity Symposium. This year’s theme focused on exploring Indigenous stories and knowledge under the title “This Land Before Technology Georgia.” The symposium brought together leaders, scholars, activists, and community members to engage in thought-provoking discussions centered around Indigenous knowledge systems.

In terms of partnerships, Georgia Tech signed a memorandum of understanding with Hyundai Motor Group on September 18. This partnership signifies the beginning of a transformative collaboration focused on sustainable mobility, the hydrogen economy, and workforce development. The signing ceremony was attended by U.S. Chancellor Sonny Perdue and witnessed by Georgia Tech Executive Vice President of Research Chaouki Abdallah and President Ángel Cabrera.

On the sports front, Georgia Tech’s football team achieved a significant victory against previously undefeated Wake Forest on September 23. They took a commanding 20-3 halftime lead and ultimately won the game with a score of 30-16 at Allegacy Stadium.

Lastly, the Georgia Tech Library celebrated the grand opening of the “Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill: New Southern Industry” exhibition on September 26. The exhibit explores the intertwined histories of Georgia Tech and the factory from its founding after the Civil War to the present day. It showcases how Georgia Tech has evolved alongside this historic institution over time.

Strikingly, September was an eventful month for Georgia Techfilled with important partnerships, celebrations of diversity and heritage, academic symposiums, sporting achievements, and cultural exhibitions. These events highlight the university’s commitment to excellence in education, research, inclusivity, and community engagement.

It is alleged that ( photography credits go to Allison Carter, Joya Chapman, Rob Felt; writing/editing credits go to Victor Rogers and Stacy Braukman.


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