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Meta’s Mysterious Move: VR Games Vanish Overnight, Leaving Users in the Dark

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Allegedly, Meta, formerly known as Facebookhas surprised its users by announcing the discontinuation of three virtual reality (VR) games without giving any explanation. The games in question are Dead and Buried, Dead and Buried II, and Bogo. Owners of these games were notified via email that support for them will end on March 15, 2024.

Dead and Buried, which was initially released in 2016, was a pioneer in multiplayer virtual reality shooters. It offered room-scale gameplay with co-op, PvP, and single-player modes. The game gained popularity among VR enthusiasts for its immersive experience.

Dead and Buried II was released in May 2019 as a launch title for the original Oculus Quest from Meta’s in-house game development studio, Oculus Studios. It built upon the success of its predecessor by introducing new features and improved graphics.

Bogo, on the other hand, was a free-to-play Oculus Quest title that allowed users to raise and care for a virtual pet. Although it may not have garnered as much attention as the other two games, it still had its dedicated fanbase.

The sudden discontinuation of these VR games has left many users questioning the future of VR content on the Meta platform. Without any explanation from Meta regarding this decision, speculation about their motives is rife among gamers.

While some speculate that this move indicates a shift in focus towards other VR experiences and platforms by Meta, others are concerned about the potential lack of support for existing VR games on the platform. It raises questions about whether other popular titles could also face similar fates in the future.

In light of this news about discontinued VR games, Meta has revealed plans to introduce its social VR app called Horizon Worlds to web and mobile devices in early access for select users. This move suggests that despite discontinuing certain games, Meta is actively working on expanding its VR offerings through different avenues.

Meta has already started rolling out its first Meta Horizon world, Super Rumble, on mobile and web platforms in early access. Initially, a limited number of users can access the game through the Meta Quest app on Android, with iOS support expected to follow soon. Early access is also available through any web browser at

As users await further updates from Meta regarding their VR content strategy, it remains to be seen what direction the company will take. Will they focus more on creating new VR experiences or enhancing existing ones? Only time will tell.

The end, the discontinuation of Dead and Buried, Dead and Buried II, and Bogo by Meta without any explanation has left VR enthusiasts puzzled about the future of VR content on the platform. While concerns about lack of support for existing games arise, Meta’s plans to introduce Horizon Worlds to web and mobile devices indicate ongoing efforts to expand their VR offerings. As users eagerly await more information from Meta, only time will reveal their true intentions.

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