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Mexican Navy Leaps Forward with Cutting-Edge Waterjet Propulsion Technology

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Mexican Navy Selects Innovative Technology to Improve Waterjet Propulsion Efficiency

A supplier has secured a new contract with the Mexican Navy to enhance the performance of 25 interceptor patrol vessels by installing water-lubricated wear rings on their water jet propulsion nozzles. The use of these rings will improve the efficiency and durability of the vessels’ propulsion systems, ultimately enhancing their operational capabilities.

The successful testing of the SXL material, which replaced traditional anti-corrosion coatings in waterjet impeller casings, demonstrated its superior resistance to cavitation-induced corrosion. As a result, Rotary Parts, an authorized Thordon distributor in Mexico, has been tasked with supplying and installing 440 mm outer diameter and 160 mm long SXL wear rings for each impeller casing on the Polaris and Polaris II fast patrol boats.

William Lugardo, a Thordon specialist at Rotary Parts, expressed his satisfaction with the project’s progress. He revealed that after receiving an initial contract for 50 SXL wear rings in May 2023, they have now secured a second contract for another 75 units. The team has already completed the installation of the first batch of SXL wear rings and is currently working on the second batch.

Lugardo emphasized that replacing the impeller housing coating system with Thordon’s SXL material was recommended due to its ability to provide better protection against corrosion and propeller cavitation. Tests conducted before signing the contract confirmed the longevity and efficiency of Thordon’s water-lubricated polymer technology. The material exhibited exceptional resistance to wear and damage even after one year of testing, significantly improving water jet efficiency for these vessels.

Jeffrey Butt, Thordon Bearings Business Development Manager, Navy and Coast Guard, expressed his delight at securing this significant order from the Mexican Navy. This marks Thordon Bearings’ largest marine contract in Mexico for 2023, with expectations of securing more orders for similar applications in 2024.

This latest development underscores Thordon Bearings’ position as a leading provider of advanced polymeric solutions for maritime applications. By leveraging innovative technologies such as the SXL material, they continue to earn trust and confidence from naval authorities worldwide.

According to sourcewinning this order is confirmation of Naval Secretariat SEMAR’s continued confidence in Thordon Bearings’ patented technology.”

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