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Michigan Tech Unveils Stellar New Nordic Ski Team Recruits: Get Ready for an Epic Season!

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Michigan Tech Unveils Stellar New Nordic Ski Team Recruits: Get Ready for an Epic Season!

According to a recent announcement by coaches Tom and Kristen Monahan Smith, the Michigan Tech Nordic Ski Team is welcoming six new members to their rosters for the upcoming 2023-24 season. Among the additions are three women, two men, and one staff member, hailing from various locations including Minnesota, Washington, Norway, Sweden, and France.

The incoming class brings the total number of athletes on the team to 21, with 11 men and 10 women. The team consists of nine returning men, seven returning women, and three returning coaches. Coaches Tom and Kristen Monahan Smith expressed excitement about the new recruits’ potential contributions to both Nordic skiing and cross country running at Michigan Tech.

The Women’s Team will welcome two highly talented female recruits from the Central Region as well as three women with impressive national honors. These recruits will have a unique opportunity to be two-sport student-athletes in both Nordic skiing and cross country running at Michigan Tech. The university has a history of success in producing exceptional athletes who excel in both sports. The addition of these recruits further strengthens Michigan Tech’s dual-sport program offering.

On the Men’s Team side, two international student-athletes from Norway and Sweden will join this season. With some of the best American skiers already on their roster, these international additions are expected to push their teammates to higher levels of performance. Their experience and cultural background coming from two ski powerhouses will undoubtedly contribute to the team’s Altogether growth.

When asked about why they chose Michigan Techall new team members highlighted several factors that attracted them to the university. These include its strong STEM education offerings, equal emphasis on academic success alongside athletic performance, excellent ski facilities and outdoor recreation environments in Houghton and Keweenaw counties – where Michigan Tech is located – as well as a tight-knit ski community.

However, what stood out most for these recruits was the team environment. They expressed a desire to be part of a college program with an amazing team culture, which they found at Michigan Tech. The Smiths believe that the decision of these outstanding individuals to join the team reflects not only the university’s strong team culture but also the exceptional character of these athletes.

Michigan Tech’s Nordic Ski Team is eagerly looking forward to the upcoming season and aims to become the number one program in the NCAA. With their new recruits’ talent, experience, and dedication, they are confident in their ability to continue progressing towards this goal.

All things considered, Michigan Tech has announced an impressive incoming class for its Nordic Ski Team for the 2023-24 season. The addition of three women, two men, and one staff member from various countries will undoubtedly strengthen the team both competitively and culturally. These recruits chose Michigan Tech not only for its academic offerings and ski facilities but also for its exceptional team environment. With their eyes set on becoming the top program in the NCAA, Michigan Tech is poised for success with this talented group of athletes.

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