Microsoft could be planning to launch ‘the new Windows’ soon

Microsoft may be planning to launch 'the new Windows' soon

Rumor has it that Microsoft is getting ready to roll out what it calls “the new Windows” in the near future.

This comes from the well-known Microsoft leaker WalkingCat Twitter, who tweeted that this ‘new’ Windows – whatever it may be – is coming next month. Although a follow-up tweet quickly made it clear that “it’s coming, but maybe not next month, sorry.”

Some Twitter users have noted that this could refer to the Windows 10 refresh, known as the “Sun Valley” project, which promises to be a major overhaul of the desktop interface, but it seems less likely that it could rather be the “new Windows” are called. than the new look for Windows.

Plus, Sun Valley isn’t expected to arrive in the H2 update until the second half of 2021, which will be this year’s big feature update – and that’s clearly a long way off (we haven’t even seen the minor H1 update yet) is coming).

That said, the leak could indicate that Microsoft is somehow teasing Sun Valley in the near future, but still it feels like Windows 10X is the most likely project referenced here.

In any case, this is an unproven rumor, so as always, treat it with caution.

Windows Latest, which mocked the above tweet, further adds that according to its sources, Microsoft is planning to hold a “What’s new for Windows” event in April or May, or maybe it will be a session at the big Build 2021 conference (no timetable has been announced for the latter, but it could happen as early as May).

As an aside, Microsoft also reportedly has a ‘What’s new for gaming’ event scheduled for March 23, as Paul Thurrott noted on Twitter, and the Windows event will likely take place after that.

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