Microsoft has released WinGet 1.4, an update to its open-source package manager

It’s easy to overlook Microsoft‘s command-line package manager for Windows… The open-source WinGet package manager is approaching three years since its announcement, and while it is still not as rich and robust as what Linux users have enjoyed for many years, it is constantly being improved.

WinGet 1.4, the latest feature release for the Windows Package Manager, was released today. The exciting new feature in this version? Support packages… WinGet now allows you to extract and run installers from Zip archives. Of course, compressed assets have long been supported by Linux package managers, including some higher compression alternatives such as Zstd.

WinGet 1.4 also includes command aliases to aid in the removal of muscle memory, particularly among Linux users/administrators. Improvements to the winget show subcommand, support for a “—no-upgrade” argument with WinGet package instal, other install/upgrade flow enhancements, and support for a “—wait” argument are also included.

Those with an interest in Microsoft’s Windows Package Manager can learn more about the WinGet 1.4 release on the Microsoft Command Line blog.


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