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Microsoft to Drop WordPad in Future Windows Update: All Details Revealed

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Microsoft to Drop WordPad in Future Windows Update: All Details Revealed

Microsoft has announced that it will discontinue WordPad in a future Windows update, specifically in Windows 12. This text editing software, introduced in 1995, is mainly used to edit basic formatted text documents and saves them in .rtf format. However, WordPad will no longer receive updates and Microsoft recommends users to switch to Microsoft Word for text documents with .doc and .rtf formats, and Windows Notepad for plain text documents.

While WordPad can read and edit documents in .rtf format, it lacks advanced editing features such as adding tables, text colors, numbered lists, URL links, and more. It is primarily used for taking quick notes.

In other news from Microsoft, the tech giant has rolled out support for Bing Chat on Google Chrome for desktop users. This allows users to access their AI-powered Bing Chat on Windows, macOS, and Linux as long as they have the Chrome browser installed. This extension expands the availability of Bing Chat to a larger user base since Chrome holds over 60 percent of the market share as the most popular web browser.

Furthermore, Microsoft has also expanded support for Bing Chat Enterprise on Edge for smartphones and the desktop version of Google Chrome. Users with Bing Chat Enterprise enabled can now open Microsoft Edge on their smartphone and sign in with their work account to access this feature.

It’s important to note that these changes are part of Microsoft’s efforts to streamline its software offerings and provide users with more efficient alternatives. As technology advances, certain features may become outdated or redundant.

At last, Microsoft’s decision to discontinue WordPad in a future Windows update reflects its commitment to improving its software ecosystem by focusing on more comprehensive solutions like Microsoft Word and Windows Notepad. These changes aim to enhance user experience while ensuring compatibility with modern file formats. For more information about this development, you can refer to the source (1).

(1) It is said that:


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