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MilliporeSigma Revolutionizes Drug Discovery with Groundbreaking AI Solution

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MilliporeSigma Revolutionizes Drug Discovery with Groundbreaking AI Solution

MilliporeSigma Launches First-Ever AI Solution to Integrate Drug Discovery and Synthesis

In a groundbreaking move, MilliporeSigma has unveiled the AIDDISON Drug Discovery Software, a revolutionary software-as-a-service platform that combines generative AI, machine learning, and computer-aided drug design to enhance the success rate of new drugs and therapies. This innovative software bridges the gap between virtual molecule design and real-world manufacturing capability through its integration with Synthia retrosynthesis software Application programming interface (API).

The AIDDISON Drug Discovery Software is designed to accelerate drug development by virtually screening compounds from a universe of over 60 billion chemical targets. It uses more than two decades of experimentally validated data sets from pharmaceutical R&D to identify compounds with key properties of successful drugs, such as non-toxicity, solubility, and stability in the body. The platform also evaluates synthesis routes for safer, more profitable, and higher-performing drug manufacturing.

Karen Madden, chief technology officer of the business sciences sector at Merck biologicals, emphasized the significance of this platform in revolutionizing drug discovery processes. “With millions of people awaiting approval of new drugs, bringing a drug to market still takes, on average, more than 10 years and costs more than $2 billion,” Madden stated. “Our platform enables any laboratory to rely on generative AI to identify the most suitable drug-like candidates in a vast chemical space. This helps ensure the optimal chemical synthesis route for the development of a target molecule in the most sustainable way possible.”

The traditional process of discovering drugs is long and iterative, with only about 10% of evaluated drug candidates reaching the market. Finding suitable chemical compounds from such an expansive universe requires significant time, resources, and experience. However, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models like AIDDISON software have proven capable of extracting hidden information from vast data sets—increasing success rates in delivering new therapies to patients.

According to sources within Merck KGaA’s life sciences business in the United States and Canada (Darmstadt), AI has tremendous potential not only to improve success rates but also deliver significant cost savings for pharmaceutical companies. By leveraging these digital tools alongside expertise in small molecules, biologics, and new modalities—a strategic approach that aligns bioconverged technologies—Merck aims to redefine how medicines are discovered.

This pioneering initiative by MilliporeSigma marks another milestone in scientific exploration and responsible entrepreneurship—the core values that have propelled Merck’s technological advancements since its founding in 1668. With this latest innovation at their disposal—a product poised to bring about substantial improvements in drug discovery processes—Merck reaffirms its commitment towards making a positive difference in countless lives worldwide.

For further details about this groundbreaking launch by MilliporeSigma or other news releases distributed by Merck KGaA’s life sciences business sector based out of Darmstadt Germany visit


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