More than money needed to fix problems at the Veterans Affairs Department

More than money needed to fix problems at the Veterans Affairs Department

In November 2018, Keith was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. One month later, the VA denied compensation for support for terminal cancer. Then in March 2019, the VA denied his lung cancer was even connected to his service, after he spent years being exposed to agent orange. Veteran denied cancer benefits until it was too late “He was upset to the max,” said Keith’s wife Cindy. “There’s got to be something better because if they wait long enough and that vet dies, they are under no obligation to make a determination at all or to pay back pay.” 

For example, a month after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the VA denied Keith Brown’s claim, then after months of back and forth, it approved his benefits six days before he died.  One of the most common complaints from veterans is that their benefits are wrongly denied and they have to wait months of years for their appeals.

MORE: Agent Orange and cancer: Veteran dies 1 month after VA reverses denial of benefits But the Department of Veterans Affairs has faced some challenges that money alone can’t fix.

When we met Candi Weikert in November, she was a grieving widow who’d been unable to get her VA benefits for more than a year. The bank had already planned to auction her home, and she had given up hope of being able to keep it.  Jon Darling is a former VA insider who said he has insight on why many veteran’s benefits are delayed or wrongly denied. Widow finally gets VA benefits

MORE: A year and a half later, widow’s VA benefits finally come through Also, last year, Candi Weikert came within six days of losing her home because the VA held up her survivor’s benefits until FOX 13 intervened and they promptly approved her with back pay.

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  • More than money needed to fix problems at the Veterans Affairs Department
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