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NaaS Technology Inc Joins NASDAQ Golden Dragon China Index: A Game-Changer in the Chinese Tech Market!

by Tech Desk
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According to informed sources, NaaS Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: NAAS) has recently made a significant achievement by being included in the NASDAQ Golden Dragon China Index. This index is widely recognized as a fundamental indicator for evaluating the performance of Chinese companies in the US stock market. It offers investors valuable insights into the unique opportunities available in China while providing the transparency associated with US listings.

The NASDAQ Golden Dragon China Index covers various sectors, including digital, technology, new forms of consumption, and clean energy. It showcases renowned companies in areas such as the internet space and the new energy sector. Among these companies, NaaS stands out as it is currently the only electric vehicle charging services company featured in this index.

NaaS Technology Inc., a subsidiary of Newlinks Technology Limited, is known as the first US-listed electric vehicle charging service company operating in China. As part of a leading energy digitalization group in China, NaaS provides comprehensive EV charging solutions to charging stations throughout the country. These solutions include online EV charging, offline EV charging, innovative technologies, and other offerings that support all stages of a station’s lifecycle.

As of June 30th, 2023, NaaS had successfully connected over 652,000 chargers across 62,000 charging stations. This achievement translates to an impressive market share of 41.5% and 49.2% for China’s public charging market.

The inclusion of NaaS in the NASDAQ Golden Dragon China Index not only enriches its composition but also brings renewed vigor to the new energy sector through its cutting-edge charging services. This recognition further solidifies NaaS’s position as a key player within this industry and highlights its commitment to driving sustainable transportation solutions.

For those interested in learning more about NaaS Technology Inc., investor and media inquiries can be directed to their Investor Relations team via email at (email protected) Media inquiries can be sent to (email protected)

When all is said and done, the inclusion of NaaS Technology Inc. in the NASDAQ Golden Dragon China Index is a significant milestone for the company. It not only validates their position as a leader in the electric vehicle charging services market but also underscores the importance of clean energy solutions in today’s global landscape. With their comprehensive EV charging solutions and impressive market share, NaaS is well-positioned to contribute to the growth and development of sustainable transportation in China.

Source: (NaaS Technology Inc. Joins NASDAQ Golden Dragon China Index)(


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